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Home arrow About The Run-A-Ton Group, Inc.
Company History
The Run-A-Ton Group (RATG) is a private company focusing on niche and point-of-difference baked foods for the Natural Food, Supermarket and Food Service industries. Our name was coined more than 35 years ago by our founder, Bob Wintz, in hopes that his golf ball would be encouraged to gain added length when struck. Hence the exhortation “Run A Ton!!” As the Supermarket Industry became increasingly impacted by alternative retail shopping venues in the 90’s and eating away from home was growing rapidly, the need for innovations in baked foods product and marketing became our target. And, we are committed to “run a ton” to fill that void.
Our Philosophy

Service • Quality • Product Development

We aspire to separate ourselves from the competition by providing the best possible customer service. We take our responsibility very seriously and expect our name and products to be associated with quality and exceptional taste. From State-of-the-Art Production on the latest equipment to Old Fashioned Hand Made Baking Artistry – Quality Assurance, Continual Product Development and Marketing Support are all key elements in The Run-A-Ton Group, Inc.’s commitment to being a full service leader in the industry. This is our pledge to our customers.

Our most important mission is our commitment to each one of our customers that, “We have nothing to sell unless there is something you want to buy.”

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